Sights and Destinations: Davor (Sperm Whale Skeleton)

"In 2010, a 20-ton sperm whale was found dead along the shores of the municipalities of Governor Generoso and San Isidro. According to locals, it was first seen in the shallow waters together with other whales. While preparing for rescue operations, strong winds and waves bought the whale across the gulf to Talicud Island, Samal.

The preserved remains of the mammal measures 53 feet in length and is considered the 7th largest whale on exhibit in the world and the first in the country. The retrieval, scientific study and preservation of its bones was carefully achieved through the collaborative efforts with partner agencies BFAR, DENR, DOSCST, PCG, with logistics strategically planned by the Provincial Tourism office and the indefatigable support of th Provincial Government led by Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon.

The province gave its own name (DAVao ORinetal) to this gentle giant who considered its shores his final resting place. Davor represents the colossal aspirations of every Dabawenyo. he is an icon of the astounding biodiversity, pristine beauty and exceptional potential of the province."

(Inscription found in Subangan Davao Oriental Museum)